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What is Panchakarma Treatment?

Panchakarma means five-folds of ayurvedic therapy to finish detoxification from the body? It is essential and helpful before undergoing any major treatment. it helps in cleansing toxins from the body. Panchkarma reduces the toxic materials, the explanation for diseases and discomfort. Disease prevention and life extension’s an important role so it’s also referred to as the guts of healing in Ayurvedic treatment.

Most of the diseases are caused thanks to an individual’s lifestyle, poor dietary habits, and no exercise patterns. The Results of this builds toxins within the body. This treatment does very effectively & various treatment methods remove these toxins from the body. Ama maybe a sticky, foul-smelling, harmful fluid that builds within the body, the treatments of Panchkarma remove it very effectively. Oil baths, herbal enemas, daily massage, and nasal administrations are involved in the treatment of individuals. This treatment always maintains good mental balance and physical hygiene this is one of the reasons to make it a globally popular treatment.


Abhyanga oil massage performed in a synchronized way by two Ayurveda technicians. It gives the following benefits: pacify Vata dosha qualities like lightness, instability, dryness, brings luster to the skin, gives physical strength, and slows down aging.

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Oil is poured is a fine steady stream on the forehead that helps to control the mind, enhances strength, removes Fatigue, improves memory, and produces good sleep, cures insomnia, and has a beneficial effect on high blood pressure.

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Patrapotali is a type of swedana in which herbal leaves and medicinal powders are used to make is very effective for joint pain, back pain, stiffness in the body and it strengthens the joints.

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Vigorous massage with herbalist paste. It increases the speed of metabolism to produce more energy, hence it is helpful in obesity and high cholesterol level. Udvaratana along with abhyanga and Basti is an effective remedy for reducing and controlling obesity.

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