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A private or semi-private yoga session may include in-depth work with Asana, Pranayama, mantra, and meditation in which you develop tailored sequences and specialized yoga tools to take home with you. It may also include lifestyle tips and motivational strategies to help you bring yoga more deeply into your life in a Transformative and sustainable way. overtime a yoga class emerges that is unique to you. your private teacher is also sharing with you how to live a happy healthy lifestyle, diet, and how to balance our daily life routine.

How is Your Yoga Teacher?

Our yoga teachers are experienced and qualified teachers. They have at least 8 years of experience with the ashram life environment so they share with you Vedic yogic practice with a modern touch. If you are seeking some inner peace by yoga and fitness way, they can also provide the program upon your request. Our teachers are friendly and respectful. So share them all the things about your health problems then they can solve your problems by yoga practice.

What is Purpose of Yoga ?

Our yoga teachers have experienced therapy and wellness teachers who can help to recover your body strength, improve your physical and mental flexibilities. They are capable of any issues to be resolved like back pain, stress, knee, pain, PCOD, Anxiety, weight loss, thyroid, etc.